Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a trauma and stressor related disorder that causes severe distress or impairs the ability to function following exposure to a traumatic event. PTSD is a global health crisis that affects over 700 million people and presents significant challenges for clinicians regarding diagnosis and effective treatment options. 

Identifying PTSD is Challenging

  • Current screening tools rely on self-reporting and observation 
  • Low help seeking behaviour due to the stigma associated with mental health disorders 
  • People experience different combinations of symptoms 
  • PTSD is associated with several comorbid conditions such as depression, substance abuse and alcoholism 

PTSD is in the Genes






40 years of research identifies key genes which are linked to disruptions in the stress response system that increases a person's risk of PTSD. 

TruGenomix's Approach

 TruGenomix Health will revolutionize the screening of PTSD by developing the first genetic blood test to detect predisposition to PTSD, facilitating earlier diagnosis and improved outcomes. 

The benefits of a genomic blood test to screen for PTSD

Early Intervention

Better risk prediction leads to earlier intervention

Improved Outcomes

Genomic information facilitates personalized therapy and leads to improved outcomes

Healthcare Costs

Early intervention and personalized therapy leads to reduced readmission and lower healthcare costs